By state law in New Jersey, Pet Stores can ONLY source puppies from USDA-licensed and inspected breeders. Further, the NJ Pet Purchase Protection Act requires that breeders must have perfect to near-perfect inspections going back 2 years. A breeder can have NO citations that affect the health or well-being of any of their puppies or breeding dogs and only 2 citations for minor maintenance, clerical or administrative issues over 2 years. Inspections are unscheduled and unannounced.  Inspections not only cover animal health and husbandry but also facilities management, housing & shelter, exercise & socialization plans, cleaning and sanitation policies, record-keeping, personnel qualifications and of course veterinary care. Most of our breeders are further beholden to state, county and local requirements and inspections. Many participate in regular breeder conferences and continuing education to improve animal care and stay up to date on proper and improving animal husbandry practices.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words, so please enjoy these videos and photos of some of our USDA breeders: